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5 Traits of Top Leaders

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5 Traits of Top Leaders
5 Traits of Top Leaders
By Andrew Scantland
Posted: 2017-10-30T17:08:00Z

It’s such a treat to have Dr. Relly Nadler as one of our keynote speakers at the ICF Colorado 2017 Fall Conference on November 9th.

A licensed psychologist, author, and Master Certified Coach (MCC) for executives and executive teams, Dr. Nadler has increased workplace performance across the country by developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) among those in leadership positions.

Leaders who intentionally learn, practice, and develop their EI skills reap a host of benefits. They boost their workforce’s competitive advantage by increasing productivity.Organizations that cultivate and measure EI report a 16% increase in revenue growth.


Leaders who practice EI make better decisions in general. EI skills help with the multitude of decisions that leaders need to make on a daily basis. The practice of EI, for example, makes for great hiring decisions.

Photo by Nicolas Swanson



So, what are some top traits of the highest performing leaders?

  1. They are willing to learn EI skills and strategies. Research is showing us that EI skills are central to powerful leadership. Regardless of past performance and personality, these skills can be learned.


  2. They optimize their “Emotional Thermostat.” Leaders need to be mindful of their mood and temperament—their “thermostat”—as this affects workplace productivity far more than most managers or bosses imagine.


  3. They avoid being on autopilot. Using EI skills with intention enables leaders to become conscious of their own strengths and capabilities, as well as those of their teams.


  4. They know their blind spots. Yes, we all have them, but there is nothing like EI coaching, assessments, 360-degree feedback, and interviews to help leaders see clearly what those blind spots are.


  5. They encourage authentic trust and a sense of connection with their teams. As Relly puts it, “Once you connect you will better able to direct.”

Find out more from Dr. Nadler at the ICF Colorado 2017 Fall Conference. Sign up while tickets last!.

Adapted from Relly Nadler’s blog, The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence, published in, Nov 24, 2015

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