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Vision / Mission Statement

The Vision of the ICF Colorado:

ICF-CO is committed to the advancement of professional excellence in coaching.

The Mission of the ICF Colorado:

  • Uphold the ICF Code of Ethics and Standards
  • Promote mastery of the ICF Core Competencies
  • Support the health, growth and success of our members
  • Provide educational resources, programming and tools in support of professional excellence
  • Demonstrate the value of professional coaching.
  • Engage members to create innovative partnerships and programs 
  • Champion access to professional coaching

Hear What Our Community Shared
About Experiences Attending Meetings

"I thought I was going to come here today feeling
inadequate as a new student coach. Instead I felt very welcomed to the community
as well as among colleagues because, as I witnessed here today,
we are all still growing and learning from one another, veterans and newbies alike.
Danielle Carroll

"What an amazing group of coaches! I have grown so much as a result of this organization!
The opportunity to connect on a regular basis with a group of
highly experienced, committed coaches is a game-changer!

"Personal sharing from the panel."

"Way to break us out of our sleepwalking and bring us alive!
By shifting paradigms and experiencing heart, body and soul,
we are present, whole and calm - and contribute to the world!
Ruth Sharon

"The most valuable part of this evening was …

Being in the company of a significant number of
very experienced and professional life coaches.
The questions asked of the panel and their
responding answers were superb!
Allen Hoffman


ICF Colorado is committed to the advancement of professional excellence in coaching. We exist to Build, Support & Preserve the Integrity of the Coaching Profession.

We help to Build by educating the public and promoting the coaching profession. Our Find A Coach and the PR plan are integral parts of this process.

To Preserve the integrity of the coaching profession we develop standards for ethical conduct and become models of authenticity in our community.

We Support by actively researching and developing member programs and becoming a strong (and unified) voice for the coaching profession.

We are always available and responsive to our members and encourage your comments, suggestions, and feedback so that we can serve your needs.