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ICF Colorado Board Responsibilities

  • Prioritize attendance at monthly board meetings.
  • Complete board report by the Wednesday prior to the board meeting.
  • Contribute to the newsletter by the Saturday prior to the Chapter Meeting.
  • Stay up to date and engage in board discussions on Basecamp, at least every 48 hours.
  • More urgent communications should be shared via email.
  • Follow through on commitments from board meetings.
  • Set and implement strategic priorities for your area of focus.
  • Put together a committee to support your area of focus, as required.
  • Coordinate with appropriate board members, as needed.
  • Attend annual strategic planning meetings/board retreats.
  • Participate in Chapter meetings and events.


The President sets the tone and direction for the organization during his/her year in office — in order to fulfill the mission and vision of ICF Colorado and to provide quality products and services for the members. In order to accomplish that, the President:

  • Presides over ICF Colorado BOD meetings
  • Gathers and reviews monthly reports from treasurer, marketing director, membership director, plus any special reports assigned to specific board members; Creates and distributes BOD agenda to board members; Follows By laws and Roberts Rules for meeting.
  • Leads/facilitates ICF Colorado monthly membership meetings.
  • Opens meeting; Facilitates any portion of the meeting devoted to ICF Colorado business; Facilitates (or introduces someone else to facilitate) introduction of guests and new members, icebreaker activities, Wins and Wows, Centering, etc.; Introduces education director, who introduces the speaker; Closes the meeting.
  • Sets goals and direction for the ICF Colorado in conjunction with the BOD.
  • Ensures that the by-laws are being followed appropriately.
  • Oversees the finances of the ICF Colorado, in partnership with the treasurer.
  • Manages the BOD to ensure that board members are doing their jobs (marketing, education, finance, etc.) effectively, in a timely manner and within the budget.
  • Signs all legal documents (such as the Charter Chapter agreement with the ICF).
  • Resolves conflicts and complaints from members or board members.
  • Oversees and works to resolve any industry-wide concerns that could directly affect ICF Colorado members, such as the potential for government regulation of coaching in Colorado.
  • Promotes and upholds the integrity of the coaching industry in the community.
  • Networks with other professional organizations to advance ICF Colorado in Colorado.
  • Attends ICF Conferences, or, if unable to attend, selects another BOD member to attend.
  • Liaisons with the ICF and other chapters of the ICF.
  • Keeps ICF Colorado membership informed of the current direction of the ICF.

Estimated time commitment:
20-25 hours per month.


The President-Elect is elected to a one-year term - and then automatically becomes President at the end of that year and Past President in the year following.

The most important duty of the President-Elect is to participate in ICF Colorado and BOD meetings and events, observe how the ICF Colorado works, and learn as much as possible in order to be ready to step up as President.

The President-Elect must:
  • Attend ICF Colorado meetings and events.
  • Attend BOD meetings, participate in discussions, and vote.
  • Lead Board and membership meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Work with the President and BOD members to set goals and plans for the organization.
  • Assist the President in maintaining connection with the most current direction of the ICF and the coaching industry.
  • Share (with the President) the role of liaison with the ICF and other charter chapters.
  • Fill a slate of candidates for the new BOD by the time of the annual elections in November.
  • Create goals and plans for improving the organization when he/she becomes President.
  • Coordinates/manages volunteers.
  • Lead special projects as needed.
  • Participates on committees as needed.

Estimated time commitment:
10-12 hours per month (includes 2-hour monthly Board meeting) plus a Board retreat day usually held in December.

Education Director

The job of the Education Director for ICF Colorado involves planning, organizing and facilitating the organization’s educational programs/presentations, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and teleclasses. The job can be done solo, or with the help of a committee of volunteers.

The specific duties include:
  • Book speakers, presenters or panels (who are not paid) for the ten monthly ICF Colorado meetings each year (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May/June/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov).
  • Book speakers/presenters for webinars as desired each year.
  • Coordinate with Western Region speaker series as desired.
  • Coordinate Learning Groups, led by chapter members, to be ready for enrollment by mid-December. Solicit proposals, coordinate descriptions/dates/times.
  • Well in advance of each program, and with the help of the speaker, write up the announcement/promotional material for the ICF Colorado website and any other relevant channels to promote the program.
  • Organize the logistics and run the educational programs.
    * Work with the Event Center staff to reserve the Event Center space for ICF Colorado’s monthly meetings and workshops. (Currently at Posner Center)
    * Apply for CCE credits.
    * If the speaker for the month is coming from out of town, the education director or an education committee member may need to assist the speaker in his/her travel, lodging arrangements or transportation to the meeting.
    * Arrive at each ICF Colorado meeting by 5:30pm and make sure the room is set up properly and the audio-visual equipment (if needed) is operating correctly. Coordinate with the on-site Event Center staff person to make sure everything is set up properly.
    * Provide the virtual assistant with each speaker's headshot, bio, title of presentation and description of presentation.
    * Communicate with the speaker to make sure that handouts for the presentation are distributed to attendees and the speaker’s book table (if any) it set up.
    * Introduce the speaker to the audience and thank the speaker at the end of his/her presentation.
    * Announce the speaker for the next meeting.
    * Distribute the speaker evaluation link.
  • Create an education report for each ICF Colorado board meeting.
    * Summarize the results of the previous speaker’s evaluations so that the board can measure how the speaker was received by the audience.
    * Report on upcoming confirmed speakers, as well as proposed/potential speakers for future meetings, workshops and webinars.

Estimated Time Commitment:
10-15 hours per month (less if committee members are there to help).

Strategic Partnerships Director


The Director of Strategic Partnerships is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with appropriate businesses, institutions and professional organizations to champion the value of and access to professional coaching, specifically creating opportunities for ICF CO coaches to gain coaching hours and exposure. This job is generally done with the support of a committee of volunteers. Recommended responsibilities
  • Develop and execute on a strategic plan for the Strategic Partnerships committee, balancing the portfolio of partner relationships and available coaching opportunities for members.
  • Identify, develop and nurture appropriate strategic partnerships, including overseeing maintenance of the partner relationship and the operations of the program(s).
  • Identify volunteers/committee members to lead on partnership relationships.
  • Coordinate and support committee members in the development and execution of partnership programs.
  • Establish systems and processes to ensure quality and fairness in the availability of opportunities for members.
  • Work closely with the Credentialing Director to manage the quality of coaches representing ICF CO as part of partnership programs.
  • Work closely with the Marketing Director to maximize the extent to which partnerships promote the coaching profession.
  • Preside over Strategic Partnerships committee meetings on a monthly basis and keep appropriate records.
  • Serve as a Chapter Board Member and prepare monthly reports.
  • Submit articles for the monthly chapter newsletter to promote Strategic Partnership initiatives.

Estimated Time Commitment:
15-20 hours per month, depending on the number and status of strategic partner relationships.

Communications Director


The Communications chair serves our internal (member) communications needs which includes our online newsletter, website content and membership meeting enhancement, all for the purpose of adding value to our members and conveying information.

Recommended Responsibilities
  • Oversee the newsletter including design, content and frequency and purpose.
  • Coordinate monthly Featured Member article
  • Coordinate monthly value-added content article
  • Oversee annual volunteer recognition
  • Oversee and coordinate special member awards
  • Manage member information table (the Hub) at meetings
  • Identify opportunities to add value to members
  • Work closely with the Marketing/PR Director and Membership Director on overlapping projects
  • May take the lead on communications-related projects such as website redesign and content creation/management

Estimated Time Involvement: 10 - 14 hrs/month
Meetings: 6 hrs/month for BOD and ICF meetings.
Board Retreat(s): 1-2 board retreats, typically 4-6 hours of fun and planning.
Projects/communications: 4-8 hrs/month and could be more depending on the projects you take on.

Marketing/PR Director


The Marketing/PR chair is charged with external communications creating public awareness of coaching and of ICF CO.

This is done through multi-media outlets such as business journals, newspapers, television, press releases about coaching events and through social media presence.

Recommended Responsibilities
  • Weekly social media posts for FB, LI and Twitter
  • Publish online press releases for special coaching events
  • Promote coaching events through social media outlets
  • Contact television, print and other media outlets for PR opportunities
  • Capitalize on opportunities such as ICF CO programs, International Coaching Week, and Coaching for a Cause to raise awareness with other organizations, the business community, and the general public about the coaching profession and the benefits of coaching.
  • Identify and build relationships with other organizations that have the potential for collaboration/partnership/sponsorship agreements with ICF CO. These include organizations such as ASTD, coach training organizations and others yet to be identified where there are overlaps or synergies in members, goals, constituencies served, etc.
  • Develop and manage partnership agreements with above.
  • Champion ICF CO outreach and community service/building.
  • Oversee Coaching for a Cause and other community outreach programs
  • Send out press releases to local media about ICF CO events to raise community awareness (could be better handled by Marketing Chair since they handle external?)
  • Act as a positive role model and ambassador for ICF CO.

Estimated Time Involvement: 10 - 14 hrs/month
Meetings: 6 hrs/month for BOD and ICF meetings.
Projects/communications: 4-8 hrs/month and could be more depending on the projects you take on.

Membership Director
  • Attendance at ICF Colorado Board meeting: Prepare a membership plan for the year and a membership report each month for the board, outlining key membership stats for the month, such as number of members in different membership categories, etc. Verify with treasurer and virtual assistant.
  • Attendance at ICF Colorado Monthly Meeting. Prior to meeting purchase snacks for meeting and set them out at meeting. Arrive by 5:30pm to have time to set up before people start arriving for the Special Interest Groups, which start at 6:00pm.
  • Work at the check-in desk with the help of the Virtual Assistant:
    * Lists printed for check-in
    * Create Member name badges to give to virtual assistant – in boxes, sorted by last name
    * Guest name badges and pens
    * Membership Application forms
    * Guest forms
  • Check in members as they arrive: * Highlight their name on Membership listing.
    * Find their name badge – if missing, make a note of it and create to bring to next meeting.
  • Collect applications: * Verify all required information on application is included and legible, particularly any CC details.
    * If member is paying by check, write check # on application then put check in envelope for treasurer.
  • Welcome guests:
    * Guests to fill out a guest form.
    * Ensure CC details are legible on form OR collect check and write check number on top of guest form and put check in envelope for treasurer.
    * Ask them to fill out a name tag.
    * After check-in is complete, provide copies to treasurer if needed: Membership Application, guest forms and money paid for membership dues.
  • Write a short membership report for the ICF Colorado Newsletter.

Total time involved:
approximately 10-15 hours a month, including the monthly Board meeting

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Director


The Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) is responsible for supporting the development, promotion and integration of a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for the Chapter through practices that enhance the experience of the members, champion access to professional coaching and positively influence the coaching profession in Colorado.


Recommended Responsibilities

  • Review, update and disseminate ICF Colorado’s anti-discrimination statement.
  • Develop and implement strategic DEIB goals for the Chapter, including specifying a focus on particular under-served communities, as appropriate.
  • Chair the DEIB committee and appoint additional committee members, as needed.
  • Host and promote DEIB training for the board and members to raise awareness of the impact of DEIB on coaches, clients and the community.
  • Review and amend policies, procedures and systems to ensure they are in alignment with a culture of DEIB and belonging.
  • Propose and lead projects, programs and initiatives as required to strengthen the Chapter’s commitment to DEIB.
  • Work with ICF Global to learn about Global DEIB initiatives, goals, programs and additional information.
  • Work with other chapter leaders to learn from and support DEIB efforts across the ICF Ecosystem.


Estimated Time Involvement

10-15 hours per month


Administrative Director

Organizations are required by law and by custom to maintain certain records. This includes: accurate recollection of decisions, determination of eligibility to vote, continuity of policies and practices, and accountability of directors and officers.

The Administrative Director is responsible for attending Board meetings and accurately recording minutes to ensure that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board’s business was conducted. The Administrative Director distributes a copy of the minutes after every meeting to the board via Basecamp. The Administrative Director is also responsible for scheduling meetings in Basecamp, and compiling a draft agenda for each board meeting, which is finalized and distributed to the board by the President, or the individual who will be presiding over the meeting. In addition, the Administrative Director prints name tags for new ICF-CO members prior to each monthly meeting, and assists with other tasks as appropriate.


The job of the Treasurer for the ICF Colorado is to hold responsibility for the money, taxes, bookkeeping and accounting, government compliance and reporting, financial tracking and reporting, bank accounts, paying the bills, credit card processing, and any other activities or responsibilities involving money and finances and related reporting and compliance for the organization.

Estimated time involvement: 14-22 hrs/month
Meetings: 4-6 hours/month for BOD, ICF Colorado and related meetings. Bookkeeping, Accounting, Compliance and Reporting: 6-8 hours/month. Communicating, coordinating, and resolving financial and money issues with vendors, members, banks, suppliers, other board members, etc. 4-6 hours/month.

Credentialing Director

Highlights the importance of ICF credentialing. Encourages and assists Chapter members in obtaining ICF credentials.

Recommended Responsibilities
  • Submits credentialing data and important information for the monthly newsletter
  • Supports existence of a Core Competencies/Credentialing Special Interest Group
  • Supports existence of a Coaching Demonstration Special Interest Group
  • Provides material to Chapter members regarding the various pathways and procedures to follow in applying for an ICF credential (ACTP/ACSTH/Portfolio)
  • Tracks and informs Chapter members regarding those who hold an ICF credential
  • Honors Chapter members who have recently been awarded an ICF credential
  • Support and/or creates webinars to educate members on credentialing process and requirements
  • Encourages renewal of ICF credentials of Chapter members
  • Conducts one-on-one conversations to guide members in credential applications
  • Leads a Credentialing Committee
  • Serves as a Chapter Board member and meets board member requirements including:

    * Sign and adhere to pledge commitments
    * Attend monthly board meetings (2h)
    * Attend annual strategy meeting (full day)
    * Attend monthly chapter meetings (2.5h)
    * Attend other meetings as required by ICF CO president (misc)

Estimated Time Commitment:
12 – 15 hours per month

Technology Director

The role of the Director of Technology is to be responsible for managing the technological vision of the organization in support of the mission of ICF CO. This includes 
exploring, evaluating and recommending technology solutions that are used across the organization. This may include educating members on use of our technology, streamlining our communication and project management platforms, strategizing and overseeing website improvements, and identifying/vetting new technology that is beneficial for the organization. This position works closely with the other directors to understand their technological needs and also works closely with our Virtual Assistant who sends out member communications and manages the website.

Estimated time commitment
15 - 20 hours per month 

Past President

The Past President acts as an advisor and voice of experience to the Board of Directors and the current President for a one-year term. Duties include:
  • Attend Board of Director meetings
  • Attend monthly membership meetings
  • Fill in for President when the President and President-Elect are absent
  • Run the annual elections for new officers at the April meeting
Estimated time commitment:
10-12 hours per month.

If interested in serving on the ICF Colorado Board, please send an email to