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All education groups are included with your ICF-CO Virtual Season Pass membership.

2021 Coaches Toolkit Learning Lab

Dates: 4th Tuesday of each month (January - October)
Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room

Minimum: 6; No Maximum

CCEs: 10 in Core Competencies and 5 in Resource Development
(for attending all sessions)

Have you ever wondered what's in an experienced coach's toolkit? What models and frameworks you'd like to add to yours? This “learning lab” is for coaches of all experience levels who want to share, learn and try out different personality, 360, SQ, adult development, values-based, narrative, etc. models with each other. Every month during 90-minute sessions, participants will be introduced to and be able to try out new (to them) coaching methods, with other group members. The "teaching" will come from members of the group, as well as from guest facilitators who are experts in their areas.

To start, we will introduce the PersonPuzzle method which coaches can quickly understand and use with their current clients. Using your own PersonPuzzle throughout the year you will discover new pieces of yourself through peer coaching, while experiencing and learning about a range of coaching models and frameworks. At the end of the year, you will be amazed and inspired to see all that you have captured with your PersonPuzzle, and you are sure to be inspired to continue your learning of the tools that are particularly meaningful to you.


Throughout the year, having tasted loads of resources and expertise, you will be able to identify what might be next for you in your ongoing learning. You will also discover more about yourself and your colleagues, as we coach each other using what we are learning.

For coaches that have a toolkit brimming with terrific models and tools (or even one specific tool/model in which you have expertise), please come and share what you are excited about and how you use these approaches to serve your clients. Come spend 90 minutes a month with us to learn from, share with and build connections with other ICF coaches in a highly interactive way!


Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants:

  • Leave with a basic awareness and understanding (or deeper if you choose, with available resources) of a range of new (to you) coaching tools.
  • Improve your coaching skills, especially Facilitating Learning and Results with the PersonPuzzle and other models (CCEs in Core Competencies will be applied for)
  • Understand the neuroscience of learning and be ready to integrate the PersonPuzzle into your coaching to enhance your client’s coaching outcomes
  • Gain ideas and advice based on the experience of fellow coaches and guest teachers
  • There will be a members-only Basecamp Team space to support the group, for sharing materials and resources on the tools and models presented.


Experiential Learning Through:  
We will break into triads each session to try out or observe what we're learning by coaching each other and talking about opportunities to use what you're learning in service of your own clients. We'll have plenty of opportunity to practice, learn and share back with the full group.

Meeting Logistics:
Monthly Zoom video conference meetings
Minimum: 6; No Maximum

We'll create a Basecamp group to facilitate learning between sessions. Members can ask further questions about a model that they are interested in and receive direction to additional resources for their deeper learning.


$50 for personalized PersonPuzzle to be used throughout the year

Facilitated by:

Ellen Robinson 150x170Ellen Robinson

About Ellen Robinson
Ellen has been an executive coach for nearly 10 years with her original credential from New Ventures West. She has studied with the Enneagram Institute, the Institute for Generative Leadership, Global Team Coaching Institute, Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence and several others. "I like to know what's available for coaches to serve clients better and I love to learn all about being human."

Devra Ochs 150x170Devra Ochs


About Devra Ochs
Devra is ICF PCC certified and received her initial training from New Ventures West in 2014. As an executive coach, she approaches coaching as being in the “people business.” She has studied with the Enneagram Institute, the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence, the Institute for Generative Leadership, Mutual Learning and Non-Violent Communication. Each of these methods help Devra to help her clients navigate the complexities of working with each other and being in our world.