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All education groups are included with your ICF-CO Virtual Season Pass membership.

2021 Credentialing and Core Competencies

Dates:4th Friday of each month (January - December)
Time: 1:00 to 2:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room

In our monthly group meetings, we spend 45 minutes focusing on one of the ICF Core Competencies. The other 15 minutes is relational and sharing progress made toward your next ICF credential. We include participation, discussion and occasionally breakout practice groups. In 2021, we will also be focusing on the new revisions to the ICF Core Competencies and Markers.


Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants:

  • Learning the ICF core competencies
  • Increased coaching skills
  • Motivation and accountability for pursuing your next ICF credential

Experiential Learning Through:
Participation, discussion, breakout rooms, accountability check-in re: steps toward credentialing


Meeting Logistics:

Monthly Zoom video conference meetings

Minimum 8, Maximum 20



1 CCE in Core Competencies (per group meeting you attend)

Facilitated by:

Walt Hastings, DMin, MCC

About Walt Hastings:

Walt Hastings, MCC has been coaching for 18 years. He is an instructor and mentor coach for two coaching schools; has been a Board member for ICF Colorado Chapter for 5 years; is currently the Director of Credentialing for the ICF Colorado Chapter; is a Board member and Director of Credentialing for CCNI (Christian Coaches Network Int.); holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from a theological seminary.