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Cost: If you've paid your ICF-CO Activity Fee, there's no charge! 
Otherwise, you're welcome to join as many groups as you like for $99 per year.

If you sign up for more than one group and are not an ICF-CO member, you will be prompted to pay the $99 fee on each group registration page. Please note that you will only need to pay that fee one time, regardless of how many groups you are signing up for. If you are registering for more than one group, please contact Kelly Johnson for a fee waiver for subsequent education group registrations.


Somatic Awareness Practice Group and Workshop Series

Workshop 1:
Your Body Shapes Who You Are - Literally!
Anchoring Lasting Change through Embodied Presence & Expanded Awareness

Date: February 22, 2020
10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Boulder, CO
3.5 Core Competencies and 0.5 Resource Development

Suzanne Mariner and Julia Zhu Meade

The Education Group Leaders will contact those who register, to provide information about the exact location and other logistical details, and will announce the other three workshop dates later this month. Structure will be offered for triad co-coaching practice between in-person gatherings.     

In this experiential workshop, we will explore the power of embodied presence to cultivate adaptive resilience in ourselves and our clients. As we deepen our awareness of the physical, linguistic, and emotional lenses through which we are seeing, being, and doing, we open the doorway of possibility for conscious actions and desired outcomes. We will practice coaching using this multifocal perspective to discern the interrelated factors that affect clients and their behaviors (emotions, body, language), and apply these insights to the process of designing actions that anchor lasting change. We will tap into the magic of body dispositions/shapes to expand our capacity and presence. We’ll introduce two developmental models and provide opportunities for you to tune into your body, and experiment with somatic shaping and body sculpting. Together, we will experience moment to moment shifts in emotions, perspectives, and possibilities, as we move from our center, to various somatic edges, and back to center.

Bring your curiosity and a potluck dish to share. Dress comfortably and be prepared to have fun!


Workshop 2:
Declare Your Emergent Future
Embody What Matters Most


Location: TBD

Rachel Cohen and Robyn McCulloch

The Education Group Leaders will contact those who register, to provide information about the exact location and other logistical details, and will announce the other three workshop dates later this month. Structure will be offered for triad co-coaching practice between in-person gatherings.     

How do we mobilize ourselves and our clients to take new and different action toward what we care about? As a coach, are you living out your passions? Are you evolving in the direction you see possible? Or do you feel like a rudderless boat, flowing along in the current, along for the ride? We have the capacity and the privilege to author our own life. By the end of our time together, you’ll have clarity on how to powerfully strengthen and align your vision with daily practices and actions to embody your declaration, the through line of your life.

In this workshop, you will access the wisdom of your body to heighten your somatic awareness of what wants to come to form. By engaging in dynamic practices, you can discover how you are currently shaped and uncover what is yet unformed, what you are longing for, what doesn’t yet exist. As the nameless surfaces, potent sensations lead to words, informing your sense of direction.

A confidential learning community is requisite to engage in embodied practices that reveal one’s inner landscape. We offer a safe environment, grounded in rigor, compassion, and trustworthiness. We’ll engage in reflective activities, solo and partner somatic (physical) practices, and meaningful dialogue.

"A declaration embodies the passion, thinking, and commitment to a vision of the future. A powerful declaration is the embodiment of the story that one has about their life. You do not have a declaration. You ARE the declaration. Your entire being - your actions, speaking, emotions, moods, and physical presence - are all aligned to the declaration." --Richard Strozzi-Heckler

We’ll break mid-day for a potluck lunch, gathering to further cultivate community and connection. Please bring a prepared dish to share so we can stay on schedule.

Come, ready to explore your whole self. Dress comfortably for movement


Workshop 3:
Embodied Coaching in Nature

Date: June 27, 2020
10:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Coal Creek Canyon

Facilitator: Joelle Dunaetz

For the summer gathering of the Somatic Awareness Practice Group and Workshop Series, we are going to take our embodied coaching experience out on the land!  In this workshop we will focus on our deep listening outdoors to better understand how nature can expand and enhance our work. You will be able to translate the expansion and instinctual sensations you have to some very useful awareness tools to bring new possibilities and aliveness to yourself and to your clients!

For the first half of the workshop, we will get acquainted with some basic nature-connection techniques.  Moving and in stillness, we will explore our connection to the elements, the messages we receive and somatic awareness, and experiment with how this may translate into useful information we take forward. After we share a potluck lunch, we will work in triads; applying our learning and newfound awareness.

Our workshop location is up Coal Creek Canyon, easy access to the metro area, about 45 minutes from Denver and 30 minutes from south Boulder and Golden.  Carpools can be arranged among participants via the Basecamp area for this Education Group. The land is both open and forested, rocky and meadowed, mostly steep, with easy access to areas not requiring much effort near the house, if you do not wish to go far (including deck and back patio where we shall share lunch).  Please be ready to be outside with proper footwear, layers, water, and be able to walk on uneven terrain for a very short distance. Bring a journal or notebook to capture impressions and noticings.

Exact location and other specifics will be provided once you are registered for the event. Plan to register soon if you would like to participate, as space is limited. Please bring something to share for our potluck lunch. We will be outdoors for most of the time, but there will be plenty of shady areas and access to indoors, as needed.



Workshop 4:

Date: October 3, 2020

Time: 10:00am - 2:30pm

Location: Outdoors at a private residence in the Denver Tech Center area exact location and other specifics will be provided once you are registered for the event. Plan to register soon if you would like to participate, as space is limited to 12 people to allow for physical distancing.

Simply and quickly balance your inner state and coach from a centered place of being.

Let’s explore the nature of being at Home with ourselves - the inner space of calm, confidence, capability, compassion and self-love.

Focusing on specific breathing patterns and somatic awareness, we will engage in imagery and anchors to reinforce the inner stability of being at HOME (homeostasis). Being AWAY from Home is the state of chaos, stress, judgement and overwhelm, which is driven by anxiety and fear and erodes our health and vitality.

Gain mastery of somatic ways to build BRIDGES or passageways to come back HOME. We create balance internally and in our lives. We will use experiential learning and triad coaching practice to integrate and embody the immediate effects of these somatic practices. Each participant will go home with a “toolbox” of ideas, resources, practices and ways to apply them in your coaching. This paradigm can easily be shared with your coaching clients to assist their development of somatic and emotional intelligence.

We will be meeting outdoors throughout the workshop, to allow for physical distancing.

Ruth Sharon 150x200WORKSHOP FACILITATOR: Ruth Sharon


Ruth Sharon is the girl who twirled and tumbled and danced through her childhood. She holds trophies for Best Dancer and Hoola Hoop Champ!

As a highly experienced personal counselor and couples coach, her body-centered approach opens awareness, offers healing and empowers her clients' true life to unfold.

As a yoga teacher since 1975, Ruth is an avid practitioner and has written the book Be Your Best Self; Yoga for Families. Serving as a healing conductor, meditation teacher, retreat leader, and energy worker, Ruth elegantly integrates the esoteric with the practical. Ruth and her husband, Dr. Jim Sharon, married 50 years, are owners of Energy for Life and Soulful Couples. They are authors of Secrets of a Soulful Marriage and the upcoming book and online program "HeartWise." They have three adult children and three grandchildren.

Visit her at and 



The Somatic Awareness Practice Group and Workshop Series is for anyone interested in exploring how they might enrich their own coaching practice through mindfulness of the body in both their personal and professional development. It will also be useful for coaches who are already experienced with somatic awareness and want to explore new territory and best practices. We will explore a variety of approaches to Somatic Coaching, with different facilitators over the course of the year.

The four quarterly workshops will be focusing on a variety of body-oriented coaching approaches that integrate the use of movement or heightened body awareness. The group is designed to be a rich, experiential way to deepen your understanding of how to coach with the body in mind. We will build on our progress of integrating and expanding our embodiment of somatic practices in our coaching over the course of the year, so attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged in order to get the most out of the experience.

Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants:

- Develop a more somatically aware approach in your life and in your coaching.

- Develop sensory acuity and daily practices to cultivate an embodied presence, personally and professionally.

- Experience peer-coaching during and between quarterly sessions, and practice specific skills in a supportive environment, with focused feedback. Sessions will incorporate various approaches to experiential learning, including practices in body awareness, movement, and cultivating somatic coaching mastery through peer-coaching practice and feedback.

- During the sessions, each group member will have the opportunity to set specific actions, share challenges and receive feedback.

- Learning will continue between sessions through integration of somatic practices offered in the quarterly sessions, as well as an ongoing group dialogue area on Basecamp.

- On Basecamp we will have a living document to which we can all contribute, that will be a reading and resource list with articles, research information, book recommendations, and other Somatic Coaching resources.


ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

CCE’s Will be offered - Specifics TBA - Currently applying for Core Competency CCE’s

Meeting Logistics:
We will meet in person for 3-5 hours at various greater metro (Denver-Boulder) locations on a quarterly basis and stay connected via Basecamp and triad peer coaching exchange between the quarterly meetings.

About the Workshop Facilitators:
ICF-CO Members who have expertise in various approaches to integrating somatic awareness in coaching (bios forthcoming).

Education Group Leaders for This Group:


Suzanne Mariner 150x167Suzanne Mariner

Suzanne has been evolving her work in Somatic Coaching and body-centered therapies for over 30 years. She did her first coach training in 1982 at MMS Worldwide Institute (known as the original and oldest coach training in the world), with Chérie Carter-Scott – “The Mother of Coaching.” She has been practicing coaching and body-centered therapies since 1983, and completed the Newfield Ontological Coaching Certification Program in 2009. She is trained in energy work, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Trager Psychophysical Integration, Mentastics Movement Education and many other body-centered and integral approaches to supporting healing and wellbeing, all of which inform her coaching work.

Suzanne was one of the pioneers of Hospital-Based Massage Therapy and led groundbreaking published research on the effects of Massage Therapy on patients in acute care settings. Her undergraduate degree is in Community Education with emphasis on Health & Communications, and her graduate studies were in Human Care Nursing and Integral Healing.

She coaches in the areas of wellness, life transitions, and professional and leadership development. Suzanne’s coaching passion is supporting sustainable positive change through listening to and leading through the body-mind-spirit connection. Fascinated with how our biography can become our biology, and symptoms can be metaphors, she loves to support her clients in listening to their bodies and finding their way “home.”

Julia Zhu Meade

Julia is an experienced leadership and career coach with a PCC credential. She is a trained and certified ontological coach (NCC) with Newfield Network. She has coached more than 350 executives and professionals from different backgrounds in support of their career transformation and life transitions since 2014.

Somatics is an integral part of Julia’s coaching practice. She believes that our body keeps a score and it never forgets. How we physically show up in the world contains a lot of information of the hidden beliefs and mood space that governs one’s life. Lasting change comes from being aware of our body and shifting our somatic presence into one that supports maximizing our personal and professional potential.

Julia loves learning and sharing wisdom. She holds a MA in American literature and worked in higher education before transforming into a coach. She is also a graduate of the C-IQ program offered by Judith Glaser and Shadow into the Soul Program by Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta. Both approaches incorporate somatic awareness and support the integration of this awareness into coaching.

Rachel Cohen 150x170Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen has served as an entrepreneur, life and leadership coach, team facilitator, project and program manager, and consultant.  She has worked in the fields in high technology, social justice and leadership development with startups, nonprofits, and corporations.  As Executive Director of Wise Endeavors, an organization committed to awakening inspired leaders, Rachel coaches embodied leadership development rooted in somatic principles.  Helping people and teams awaken to their purpose and value, and contributing to their transformation, is what she loves most about her work.

Rachel is trained in the Co-Active Coaching methodology and has a BA from UC Berkeley.

Robyn McCulloch 150x177Robyn McCulloch

Robyn McCulloch is Founder & Principal of The Confluence LLC, a global boutique coaching and consulting company. Her organizational development career spans three decades and includes expertise in executive coaching, coherent presence, organizational transformation, emotional competence, and facilitative leadership.


Sounding a clarion call to purposeful action as a way of being in the world, Robyn’s commitment is to cultivate enlightened powerful leaders in communities and organizations. By bringing our whole self to the coaching conversation and deepening our somatic intelligence, we evolve the ability to take actions that were previously unavailable to us and aligned with what we care about, even when under pressure.


Robyn supports clients in developing the strength of character necessary to respond to daily life with the grace and power that conventional coaching alone cannot produce. She works effectively in multiple cultural contexts with coaches, executives, high-performing teams, university faculty and students, government officials, social entrepreneurs, environmental advocates, small business leaders and indigenous people councils, from SE Asia, Europe, and East Africa to North, Central & South America. She has worked with clients in the fields of finance, healthcare, IT, retail, law, manufacturing, entertainment and beyond.


Robyn is an ICF Professional Certified Coach; her lineage includes training and certification as an Executive and Organizational Coach at the Hudson Institute (2000) and as a Master Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute (2007).


Joelle Dunaetz 150x175Joelle Dunaetz

Joelle has created Wellness in Balance LLC and Dancing Mountain Storm Consulting to help people expand their awareness, create healthy habits and movement, and deepen their connection to themselves (and the natural world) for over 20 years. She is professionally certified through CTI, Wellcoaches Corporation, and the Earth-Based Institute (nature-connected coach).  IIn addition, she is certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor, with specialized training in Yoga and senior fitness.   She is working toward her Professional Certified Coach accreditation.

As a nature-connected coach, she blends the skills and techniques of professional life coaching with the unique skills of transformational wilderness work, collaborating with, and being informed by, nature to inspire self-discovery and support authentic, meaningful change.

Along with being passionate about getting people out into nature, she helps participants find creative ways to move their body and enhance their strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation and longevity by offering coaching, wellness programs, mindfulness sits and wanders, and full moon hikes.  

Joelle encourages clients to create a strong mind/body connection and supports them in creating, and living, a conscious, healthy life.