• ICF Colorado Coaches Corner, Boulder
    • May 28, 2015
      7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    Each month we meet informally to talk about coaching, get support, give support and to simply connect--to have the conversations there isn't time or space…

  • ICF CO June Monthly Meeting
    Orvel Ray Wilson
    • June 2015 Meeting
      June 11, 2015
      6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Presenter: Orvel Ray Wilson | Topic: "Public Speaking to Attract High Value Clients" | In this fast-moving program, he’ll share how to get bookings, how to structure your presentation, and the secret for selling from the stage without sounding commercial.

We are a professional organization of personal and business coaches.

We exist to Build, Support & Preserve the Integrity of the Coaching Profession.

We help to Build by educating the public and promoting the coaching profession. Our Member Directory and the PR plan are integral parts of this process.

To Preserve the integrity of the coaching profession we develop standards for ethical conduct and become models of authenticity in our community.

We Support by actively researching and developing member programs and becoming a strong (and unified) voice for the coaching profession.

We are always available and responsive to our members and encourage your comments,
suggestions, and feedback so that we can serve your needs.