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All education groups are included with your ICF-CO Virtual Season Pass membership.

2021 What's Your Coaching Brilliance?

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of each month (January - June)
Time: 8:30 - 10:00am MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room

Minimum: 4; No Maximum

This ICF-CO Education Group focuses on eliciting the unique and brilliant coach in you. We all have standards and competencies we seek in our coaching. But what is it about you that makes your coaching remarkably brilliant and effective? In this interactive, workshop-style education group, we will call each other forth for what is distinctive and amazing about you: is it your background, your coaching style, your mastery, your magical and insightful questions, your ability to create a safe and enlivening container for your client? We will use discussion, demo and peer coaching plus illustrative feedback to identify what makes for the most powerful and authentic coaching.


A typical session will include:

  • a welcome and intention setting
  • brief conversation around a particular coaching topic raised by the facilitator (such as presence, using direct communication, intuition, powerful questions, etc.)
  • demo coaching with a volunteer coach and coachee
  • group shares around what people witnessed or experienced in the demo
  • breakouts into peer coaching triads with specific guidance on declaring intention and delivering feedback
  • group shares on the learning

It's time to embrace, declare and claim YOUR best version of coaching. No one does it like you and no one can do what you do as well as you do it!


Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants:

Both new and very seasoned coaches will benefit from 'playing' with this group because of its emphasis on drawing on people’s unique strengths. We will focus on the distinct gifts each participant brings to the coaching - what makes each of us unique and brilliant and how to leverage that uniqueness into more powerful coaching. This can help in several ways:

  • when we know what makes us special, we bring more confidence to it
  • through the feedback, we will gain language we can use to talk about ourselves with prospective clients
  • we can use the information to dial in more precisely into who we should be serving with our coaching
  • continuous accountability built into the sessions

Experiential Learning:
The bulk of each session will be experiential - a demo coaching session and triad peer coaching will be part of each session. In addition, we will invite people to share their learning, questions, new tools and takeaways.


Meeting Logistics:

Monthly Zoom video conference meetings; at least 6 meetings

Minimum 4; No Maximum




Andy Scantland 150x170Facilitated by:

Andy Scantland

About Andy Scantland:

A natural teacher, Andy is an executive coach (PCC) with more than 2500 hours of professional coaching experience plus certifications in strengths coaching, the neuroscience of coaching and conscious leadership coaching. He also provides mentor coaching to new coaches moving through their certification and credentialing journey. Andy's coaching career started after three decades of corporate executive experience in both very large and startup organizations.