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2021 Education Groups

Education Groups offer great opportunities to receive support for your development as a professional coach, deepen your mastery of coaching, connect with your colleagues, and explore new territory. And most of them offer CCEs! (Note that you must be present at the group sessions in order to be eligible for receiving your CCEs.) For 2021, there are fifteen education groups to choose from, and all of the groups are included with your ICF-CO Virtual Season Pass membership!

As you prepare to register for 2021 education groups, please keep in mind that unlike one-off ala carte events (such as our webinars), these groups are designed to be ongoing. Given that participants build on their development and their connection to the group over the course of the year, attendance at all sessions is essential in order to get the most out of the experience. Your ongoing presence in the education groups to which you commit truly matters, so if you sign up, we ask that you plan to show up on a regular basis.

All education groups are included with your ICF-CO Virtual Season Pass membership.


Here is a list of the 2021 Education Groups and their leaders:

  • Core Competencies & Credentialing - Walt Hastings
  • Build a Successful Coaching Business This Year – Carl Dierschow
  • Experienced Coaches Salon – Judy Sabah
  • Continuing Coach Development (CCD) – Geo Roberts
  • NoCo (Northern Colorado) Continuing Coach Development (CCD) – Donna Sullivan
  • Research & Innovations In Leadership Coaching - Jacquie Fedo
  • Exploring Bias and Anti-Racism for Conscious Coaching - Barbara Alfors, Rosalie Chamberlain, Bijal Choksi, Hilda Gerke, Youngsook Kang
  • What’s Your Coaching Brilliance? – Andy Scantland
  • Coaches Toolkit Learning Lab – Ellen Robinson & Devra Ochs
  • ICF-CO Health & Wellness Professionals – Suzanne Levy
  • Precise Listening to Empower Important Conversations – Laurie Weiss
  • Assessments-R-Us - Jacen Spector
  • Masterful Coaching Demonstrations Walt Hastings et al
  • The Interpersonal Neuropsychology of Coaching – Claire Read
  • Coaches Biz Development - Doug Slaybaugh and Dana Wodtke

*Group Size is limited for some of these groups, so we suggest that you register soon!


If you have any questions regarding Education Groups, please contact Suzanne Mariner at


Build a Successful Coaching Business This Year!

Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Carl Dierschow

Dates: 3rd Friday of each month (January - November)
Time: 9:00 - 10:30am MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room


Dates: 4th Wednesday of each month (January - November)
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room

Minimum: 4; Maximum: 24 (two sessions)
This Education Group will consists of 2 cohorts as we did in 2020.

Now that you're committed to developing your coaching skills, what about creating a coaching practice that meets your personal and business goals?

This Mastermind group will help you articulate your goals, create your own strategy to meet those goals, and keep you on track. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula. We don’t have a magic tool which will have prospective clients beating down your door.

Instead, this is a group to help you design your own unique approach, based on your unique goals. Tools and formulas are abundant in the coaching world, but this group can help you select and design the ones which are best for you.


Credentialing & Core Competencies

Dates: 4th Friday of each month (January - December)
Time: 1:00 to 2:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Walt Hastings

Minimum: 8; Maximum: 20

CCEs: 1 in Core Competencies (per group meeting you attend)

In our monthly group meetings, we spend 45 minutes focusing on one of the ICF Core Competencies. The other 15 minutes is relational and sharing progress made toward your next ICF credential. We include participation, discussion and occasionally breakout practice groups. In 2021, we will also be focusing on the new revisions to the ICF Core Competencies and Markers.


Experienced Coaches Salon

Dates: Meets monthly on the Wednesday following the ICF Colorado monthly meeting
Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm MT
Location: Virtual until further notice. The Zoom link will be provided by the group leader/host to all who have registered.
Facilitator: Judy Sabah

Minimum: 2; Maximum: 12

This group is a social and supportive group to its participants and has been meeting for many years. Everyone attending has time reserved for sharing. The subject of the sharing is up to the participant and may be either personal or professional. The other members of the group are committed to listening and sometimes may ask questions or comment on what the person sharing has talked about. Everything that is talked about is confidential. Anyone who has been coaching for five years or more may enjoy being part of this group. The benefits increase as a person makes coming to the group a habit and forms deeper friendships with the other members of the group.


Continuing Coach Development

Dates: 1st Thursdays of each month (January - June)
Time: 6:00 - 6:30pm: Building Community; 6:30 - 9:00pm: Building Coaching Mastery
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Geo Roberts

Minimum: 6; No Maximum

CCEs: 2.5 in Core Competencies and 0.5 in Resource Development

Strengthen Your Core - Become the impactful leader and coach you were designed to be in an atmosphere of stretching your comfort zone and being in a community of people who are pulling for you to succeed.


This "playshop" is designed for leaders & coaches at all levels – from beginners to master coaches– who learn best by doing and not just talking about the how-tos. The focus is on coaching practice and feedback. Each month we shall explore the Core Competencies, select an indicator or element we want to personally become more conscious of using, then practice. Both people new to coaching or exploring coaching gain a great deal from experiencing what it means to coach, as well as the seasoned coach wanting to hone their skills as they pursue their credentialing, develop their coaching practice, or deepen their mastery.


As this will be limited to no more than 9 people, we ask you to commit to attending at least 4 out of the 6 sessions from January - June. It will run virtually until the pandemic has subsided.


NoCo Continuing Coach Development (NoCo CCD)

Dates: 4th Thursday of each month (January - October; 1st Thursday in November and December)
Time: 7:00 - 8:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Donna Sullivan, MD, FAAFP

Minimum: 4; No Maximum

CCEs: 1.5 in Resource Development (per group meeting you attend)

Have you ever noticed how some topics don't get much airtime in coaching conversations? Do your sometimes wonder how your clients are doing in areas of their life that they never even mention? Coaching, like any other professional activity, has cultural norms and taboos. The basis of this Education Group is to explore in depth the things we do not often talk about in coaching. To do this, we shall first look into ourselves, peer into the shadows to find the exclusions and elisions in our thought and speech, and discover what happens when we put words to our most hidden thoughts, feelings and experiences.


Each meeting will have a theme and the group will be guided in interactive, here-and-now exploration, feedback, and reflection. Participants will also work in pairs or small groups during every meeting, to go more deeply into the topic in a private setting. We shall consider our own comfort and willingness to speak of a variety of topics, and how that might impact our coaching and thus our clients. We shall also consider the pleasure coaches may feel when we are the only ones, or one of a select few, in whom our clients confide. We shall question this and look at what it might mean to become advocates and champions of freer speech between our clients and others in their daily lives.


What's Your Coaching Brilliance?

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of each month (January - June)
Time: 8:30 - 10:00AM MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Andy Scantland, PCC

Minimum: 4; No Maximum


This ICF-CO Education Group focuses on eliciting the unique and brilliant coach in you. We all have standards and competencies we seek in our coaching. But what is it about you that makes your coaching remarkably brilliant and effective? In this interactive, workshop-style education group, we will call each other forth for what is distinctive and amazing about you: is it your background, your coaching style, your mastery, your magical and insightful questions, your ability to create a safe and enlivening container for your client? We will use discussion, demo and peer coaching plus illustrative feedback to identify what makes for the most powerful and authentic coaching.


A typical session will include:

  • a welcome and intention setting
  • brief conversation around a particular coaching topic raised by the facilitator (such as presence, using direct communication, intuition, powerful questions, etc.)
  • demo coaching with a volunteer coach and coachee
  • group shares around what people witnessed or experienced in the demo
  • breakouts into peer coaching triads with specific guidance on declaring intention and delivering feedback
  • group shares on the learning


It's time to embrace, declare and claim YOUR best version of coaching. No one does it like you and no one can do what you do as well as you do it!


Precise Listening to Empower Important Conversations

Dates: 3rd Thursday of each month (January - November)
Time: 1:00 - 2:15pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Laurie Weiss, MCC, Ph.D.

Minimum: 6; No Maximum


We will practice the coaching skill of precise listening while learning a set of interactive powerful theories that help you understand, predict and facilitate changes in behavior for your clients and yourself. Help your clients manage sensitive and potentially upsetting conversations that lead to lost opportunities, mistrust, backstabbing, and ineffectiveness. Help them learn skills for sharing observations and feelings without getting themselves or someone else into trouble. Make difficult conversations into opportunities for solving problems, creating stronger relationships, and creating a rewarding and effective work environment.


This group will benefit any coach whose clients need to learn to manage difficult or unproductive conversations.

Please Note: This group requires an ongoing commitment to stay engaged by attending the sessions for the entire year and deepening your experience through doing the work and triad coaching between group meetings. There will be reading and work between sessions.


Exploring Bias and Anti-Racism for Conscious Coaching

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of each month (February - November)
Time: 3:30 - 4:45pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitators: Barbara Alfors, Rosalie Chamberlain, Bijal Choksi, Hilda Gerke, Youngsook Kang

Minimum: 5; No Maximum

CCEs: TBD (per group you attend)

The events of 2020 have made it clear that inclusion for everyone is a goal we can all work towards together. In this group we will have discussion groups and presentations to help us each take steps toward reducing our own unconscious biases, share our stories if we have experienced the effects of bias, and keep the conversation going regarding inequity. This will be a safe space to explore our own relationship to bias and racism – whether we have experienced racism or have work to do in exploring our own stories – and to learn more about the value of diversity and inclusion. Because of the nature of the discussions, we will have robust boundaries in place to make this a safe place to discuss wherever you may be in this journey.


Inclusion is Everyone's Responsibility! Commit to keep learning, having conversations, sharing experiences of racism and bias, recognizing your beliefs and biases and our own complicity to inequity, and work to change systems. Anyone who is interested in exploring unconscious bias and conscious inclusion should join! We especially would like to invite those who have experienced othering, racism or discrimination to share their voices.


Exploring Bias for Conscious Coaching - This will be the kickoff webinar for the Exploring Bias and Anti-Racism for Conscious Coaching education group forming for 2021. The program will assist coaches as a tool for deeper exploration of individual biases; how we show up as coaches and how our unconscious individual biases impacts the coaching relationship.


As coaches, our responsibility to our clients is to understand how diversity, equity and inclusion impacts their experiences and beliefs, which influence their growth and actions. The webinar will touch on the monthly topics for the education group and provide tips for application and practice. During the webinar breakouts, we will use case studies to practice using what we’ve learned in our own coaching.


Coaches Toolkit Learning Lab

Dates: 4th Tuesday of each month (January - October)
Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Ellen Robinson and Devra Ochs

Minimum: 6; No Maximum

CCEs: 10 in Core Competencies and 5 in Resource Development
(for attending all sessions)

Have you ever wondered what's in an experienced coach's toolkit? What models and frameworks you'd like to add to yours? This “learning lab” is for coaches of all experience levels who want to share, learn and try out different personality, 360, SQ, adult development, values-based, narrative, etc. models with each other. Every month during 90-minute sessions, participants will be introduced to and be able to try out new (to them) coaching methods, with other group members. The "teaching" will come from members of the group, as well as from guest facilitators who are experts in their areas.

To start, we will introduce the PersonPuzzle method which coaches can quickly understand and use with their current clients. Using your own PersonPuzzle throughout the year you will discover new pieces of yourself through peer coaching, while experiencing and learning about a range of coaching models and frameworks. At the end of the year, you will be amazed and inspired to see all that you have captured with your PersonPuzzle, and you are sure to be inspired to continue your learning of the tools that are particularly meaningful to you.


For coaches that have a toolkit brimming with terrific models and tools (or even one specific tool/model in which you have expertise), please come and share what you are excited about and how you use these approaches to serve your clients. Come spend 90 minutes a month with us to learn from, share with and build connections with other ICF coaches in a highly interactive way!



Dates: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays starting February 10th for 3 consecutive months; total of 6 sessions
Time: 5:00 - 6:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Jacen Spector

Minimum: 6;  Maximum: 14

CCEs: 1 in Resource Development (per group meeting you attend)

Now more than ever there seems to be an abundance of Emotional Intelligence and Personality/Behavior Assessments available on the market for all shapes and sizes. Let's explore how to best deploy these in our coaching format, then we can contrast and compare different assessment and usage cases.


If you've considered adding an assessment to your coaching or consulting practice, but don't know which one to pick, you've come to the right place. In this group, we'll be exploring multiple assessments, usage cases for professional coaching, and sharing best business practices to deploy a new product into your offerings.


Masterful Coaching Demonstrations

Dates: 1st Friday of each month (February - October)
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Walt Hastings, MCC

Minimum: 8;  No Maximum

CCEs: 1.5 in Core Competencies (per group meeting you attend)

This education group is open to all Chapter members. An approximate 35-minute coaching demonstration will be given by an MCC or PCC coach, followed by a debrief. One core competency or coaching skill will be highlighted, followed by a practice time on that skill by participants.


The Masterful Coaching Demonstration education group is for those persons who desire to strengthen their own coaching skills through observation and practice. This group welcomes all, from those just beginning their coaching journey to experienced PCC and MCC coaches. Join us for demonstrations of masterful coaching!


Interpersonal Neuropsychology of Coaching

2021 Dates: February 2, April 6, June 1, September 7, November 2 and December 7
Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Claire Read, Ph.D.

Minimum: 6;  Maximum: 12


Coaches joining this group will come away with an understanding of neuropsychology and its impact on the coaching relationship. We live in an age where more and more discoveries regarding brain function are being made every day. These are changing the ways in which we approach coaching and work with our clients. Understanding this subject matter will provide skills in working in the mind-heart-gut (or cognition-compassion-intuition) space to help clients achieve lasting change through neuropsychological development.


This is the age of the brain. How well do you know yours? How well do you use this knowledge to affect change in your clients? Join this education group and be part of the journey as we explore this field.


Research and Innovations in Leadership Coaching

Dates: 3rd Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, November
(Every other month, beginning the 3rd week of January)
Time: Weekdays for 2 hours; 6:00 - 8:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Jacquie Fedo, PCC

Minimum: 6;  No Maximum


This will be an evidence-based study, discussion, and coaching practice group for leadership coaches using the recently published, "Innovations in Leadership Coaching: Research and Practice," (2020) edited by Hildebrandt et al, published by Fielding University Press. Six chapters centered around leadership coaching have been selected for this education group: peak performance, emotional intelligence, abrasive leaders, neuroscience and mindfulness, shared reality, and cultural transformation.


Participants are encouraged to participate in the complete series and meet with a designated partner during the off month.


ICF Colorado Health and Wellness Professionals

Dates: 1st Thursday (February - July; September - November)
Time: Noon - 1:15pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitator: Suzanne Levy

Minimum: 6;  Maximum: 15

CCEs: 1.25 in Core Competencies for February 2021 meeting;
remaining CCE approval TBA

This mostly monthly series will be designed to support credentialed Health & Wellness Coaches, coaches who are interested in gaining certification and credentialing in the rapidly growing field of Health & Wellness, along with coaches who are simply looking to learn and to support clients with wellness principles and strategies.  It is intended to be an interactive learning forum which may include wellness topics, such as mindfulness, stress management or sleep hygiene, as well as ethical issues such as scope of practice, and practical tools for use in our work with clients.


Coaches Biz Development

Dates: Meets every other week on Thursdays (January - June)
Time: Noon - 1:00pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
Facilitators: Doug Slaybaugh, CPA, PCC, CPCC, CGMA and Dana Wodtke, CPCC

Maximum: 15 participants from ICF-CO and 15 participants from CTI


This group is an 11-part series on the most important areas and challenges we see coaches encounter in having a successful, thriving coaching business. The group is for coaches who are hungry for clients and eager to be earning decent money from their coaching work. We will focus on cultivating a growth mindset.

If you are willing to be uncomfortable and are ready to take your practice to a more profitable level, then this group is for you!