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 If you've paid your ICF-CO Activity Fee, there's no charge! 
Otherwise, you're welcome to join as many groups as you like for $99 total per year.

Note For Those Who Have Not Paid the ICF-CO Activity Fee
If you sign up for more than one group and are not an ICF-CO member, you will be prompted to pay the $99 fee on each group registration page. Please note that you will only need to pay that fee one time, regardless of how many groups you are signing up for. If you are registering for more than one group, please contact Kelly Johnson for a fee waiver for subsequent education group registrations. 

Build a Successful Coaching Business This Year!

Participants are placed in one of two groups:

: 3rd Friday of each month (January - November)
Time: 10:00 - 11:30am MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room


Dates: 4th Wednesday of each month (January - November)
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm MT
Location: Zoom Meeting Room

Both of these groups have reached their maximum number of registrations.

Now that you’re committed to developing your coaching skills, what about creating a coaching practice that meets your personal and business goals? This Mastermind-type group will help you articulate your goals, create your own strategy to meet those goals, and keep you on track. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula. We don’t have a magic tool which will have prospective clients beating down your door. Instead, this is a group to help you design your own unique approach, based on your unique goals. Tools and formulas are abundant in the coaching world, but this group can help you select and design the ones which are best for you.


Key Learning Points & Benefits for Participants:

- Create and commit to your own business development strategy

- Gain ideas and advice based on the experience of fellow coaches

- Keep on track with advancing your goals and adapting to what you learn

- Accountability

- There will be a members-only Basecamp Team to support the group, for sharing materials, and capturing plans, commitments, progress, and results.


Experiential Learning Through:

This is primarily learning based on the information flow we’re all immersed in, and the experience of fellow coaches. If participants aren’t actually executing the plans they themselves designed, they’re not likely to see significant results. So the “keep on track” feedback loop of group accountability is a crucial part of the value people will receive.


Total Costs (Including Material Fees):

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 total fee to participate in all Education Groups (“All-Access Pass”)

* Additional investments are only what each individual decides is a worthwhile use of their own time and money in sales and marketing.


CCE’s: 1.5 Resource Development


Meeting Logistics: Participants are placed in one of two groups which will meet:
10:00-11:30 on the third Friday of each month (January – November)
11:00 - 12:30pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month (January – November)
on the Zoom video conference platform.

Maximum group size will be 12 participants.

About Carl Dierschow
Carl has been coaching since 1999 – first as an internal corporate coach, and then as an independent coach as part of Small Fish Business Coaching. He has worked with several sales and marketing coaches over the years to help build his own practice based upon his unique goals and values.

He has been a leader in ICF Colorado, as Board member and on the Education Leadership Team. He is now bringing his experience in professional facilitation and Mastermind Groups to create this powerful approach to business development.

(970) 225-6889